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14th December 2018 by Kevin Karue

Dear Lifeium enthusiasts,

The Lifeium team is excited and delighted to have been invited by Dr. Samuel Mwaura from the Hunter center for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde Business School, to collaborate with Business School students on their Financial Projections Consultancy Project. This project is part of the Entrepreneurial Capital and Resources class.

Between now and mid-November 2018 the students will support Lifeium in building a robust financial model and a performance dashboard. There will be regular collaboration between students and the Lifeium team to discuss input data, assumptions and projections. We see this exercise as a great way to challenge our existing assumptions and confirm the way forward.

Lifeium CTO, Kim Ndungu, pitched the Lifeium concept to the students on Thursday, 28th September 2018, highlighting Lifeium’s innovative use of the latest technologies and the broader industry trends in the Fintech, Regtech and Legal space. Thanks Kim for the great pitch!

We feel honoured to have the opportunity to share our comprehensive entrepreneurship, consulting and finance experience with the students. We believe that this is a strong ‘win-win’ outcome. Students will get a chance to work with a disruptive Fintech/Regtech startup and the Lifeium team will benefit from the students’ creative ideas and in particular, their views on how to make the Lifeium app more attractive for their generation.

We will keep you informed on the progress of the project. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or questions that you would like us to ask the students.

Stay tuned!



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