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Our Platform

Our Platform

We sell our technology to law firms who then use it with their clients who need Will. The App allows for the user to enter data and the dashboard allows the lawyer to edit the Will that our app will auto generate etc.


Clients provide their basic personal information and complete a KYC check. Now we know who the client is, we are able to seek instructions from them.


Will creation

Client is guided to provide details of their estate and instructions on their wishes through a simple and intuitive user interface. Once all data is collected, a draft Will is prepared and is flagged as ready for review by a solicitor. The client then books an appointment and makes their payment. The appointments are currently delivered via a video conferencing tool, integrated into the application.

Client management

The solicitor has access to a client management tool that allows them to see all the steps completed by their client. This includes access to the draft Will, allowing the first face to face session with the client to focus on legal advice relating to aspects of the estate, rather than data collection. This minimises solicitor's non-billable time. The client management tool also generates standard client care letters with the law firms branding.


Will execution

At the client's passing, the Will is executed with assistance from the solicitor. As and when electronic Wills are fully implemented, planned features in this area include the ability to sign documents electronically removing the need for a hardcopy of the document.

Secure storage

Data is stored in a secure cloud-based database, with protocols compliant with GDPR principles and is encrypted using the latest security features to ensure the safety of the Will.


CTA Tool

CAT Tool


What is CAT?

Lifeium is collaborating with Strathclyde University to develop an innovative "Cognitive Awareness Tool" which provides an assessment of the 'mental capacity' of a user.


Where can this be used?

In the short-term, to test whether a contract might be challenged in the future since it might have been entered into my somebody under coercion or not knowing what they are agreeing to.

Long-term, for individuals to self-test and monitor their mental competence (e.g. a patient suffering deteriorating mental capacity due to diseases such as Parkinson’s diseases) or in a clinical application as a diagnostic and measurement tool for mental capacity.


Security & privacy

We take your privacy and security very seriously at Lifeium. Client confidentiality is assured through encrypted communication and secured storage of documents on UK-based servers.

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