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Solicitors are time poor and have a large administrative burden, limiting the value-adding time they can spend with clients. 80% of small law firms have not significantly invested in technology to improve client experience and practice management. Lifeium provides a digital first solution for writing and storing a Will. It allows solicitors to connect with consumers digitally in a more relevant and engaging way. It delivers benefits for both solicitors and their clients. Improve your firm’s productivity and delight your clients with Lifeium’s digital Will creation app.




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Product & Benefits

Product & Benefits


Seamless onboarding of clients using industry KYC/AML solutions allowing you to meet your regulatory requirements.


Solicitors monitor clients from one hub, from booking appointments through to flagging a follow-up. Everything is in one place and organised.

High ROI

Solicitors spend less time on non value-adding admin tasks, freeing them to spend more time with fee-paying clients.


Client confidentiality is assured through encrypted communication and secured storage of documents on UK-based servers.


Beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to use.


Solicitors can respond to client queries and review Will documents from anywhere, anytime.


Allows solicitors to connect with consumers digitally in a more relevant and engaging way, bringing innovation to the legal industry.


Simple pricing structure with no hidden extras.

How Lifeium app works

How Lifeium app works


Clients provide their basic personal information and complete a KYC check. Now we know who the client is, we are able to seek instructions from them.

Will creation

Client is guided to provide details of their estate and instructions on their wishes through a simple and intuitive user interface. Once all data is collected, a draft Will is prepared and is flagged as ready for review by a solicitor. The client then books an appointment and makes their payment. The appointments are currently delivered via a video conferencing tool, integrated into the application.

Client management

The solicitor has access to a client management tool that allows them to see all the steps completed by their client. This includes access to the draft Will, allowing the first face to face session with the client to focus on legal advice relating to aspects of the estate, rather than data collection. This minimises solicitor's non-billable time. The client management tool also generates standard client care letters with the law firms branding.

Will execution

At the client's passing, the Will is executed with assistance from the solicitor. As and when electronic Wills are fully implemented, planned features in this area include the ability to sign documents electronically removing the need for a hardcopy of the document.

Secure storage

Data is stored in a secure cloud-based database, with protocols compliant with GDPR principles and is encrypted using the latest security features to ensure the safety of the Will.

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